Down Home Toys

“What do you mean you sold the company to them? How could you? Do you understand what will happen?” As Henry questioned Billy, I sat back and listened. Billy had managed to sell the factory, all the machines and elaborate toy collection to what he thought was a ‘franchise’. The so-called Tinker Franchise was really a coverup for the local mob. As soon as I learned who had bought Down Home Toys, I instantly knew what had happened. Billy’s complete lack of street smarts allowed production to go to the dogs. 

“It is an abomination! A travesty! You know they will use the entire plant for evil!” Henry continued to shriek at the top of his lungs, I wondered what Bobby and his team would really do. What their plan really was. I know they had a penchant for violence, but what would they really do with a toy company? What were they going to make and distribute with our machines? Why were our production lines such a novelty? I knew if I was patient, I knew I would soon find out what part of the company Bobby would abuse the most. I soon wished I never found out what they were there for. Wish I had known it was Billy’s plan all along to defile my favorite toy company. I would never let him forget it. 


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