My Roommate

I always knew my roommate was into some odd things, but I never knew how far she had fallen. It was her charisma, her charm, that pulled me in. I had always been told I was naïve and a little too loyal to those I would blindly follow, but I always thought I was going to find the next guru and longed to be part of the group. All I wanted was to be initiated. I had never been a part of a group, a clique, so when Jordan started pushing for me to become part of her sorority, I jumped at the chance. 

I was desperate to be conscripted, to become part of a house. I had only lived in apartments with just my mom and brother and longed to be a part of a larger group and was desperate to be part of a team. I got to the part I would follow Jordan and her cronies anywhere. The more they included me, the more involved and indebted I became. I followed orders and carried out plans without asking any questions. I got even deeper when our fraternity brothers got involved.  

The deeper I fell, the more powerful I felt. I gained power and felt everything was going my way until the police showed up. Showed up asking questions about the Red Day Cult. The cult who used paddles and intimidation to take control of innocent freshman to get them to do their bidding. Bidding hat usually ended in death. I crossed my fingers behind my back as I told them I had no knowledge of what they were talking about. That I had never heard of such a group and nothing like that ever happened here. After a few moments and more questions, the police left with promises of returning soon. Luckily they hadn’t come inside and searched the house. Then they would have found everything they needed to arrest. I knew there was only one way to destroy everything. But I had to find the matches first. 


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