The Rain

I knew the rain was going to be a problem before it even started. My car had broken down on the way to the cabin and was now stranded in the middle of the road. I hoped the river I had passed on the way didn’t have the tendency to overflow because if it did, I was in trouble. I thought the isolation of the cabin would help with my looming burnout of my lack of work-life balance, but I was nervous about not being able to leave when I wanted. 

I tried to quell my anxiety as the clouds rolled in and thought maybe a midafternoon glass of wine and a book might help. My afternoon anxiety turned into an afternoon nap and by the time I woke up, the rain had turned from a drizzle to a downpour. I watched the rain come down and tried to take a few deep breaths. There was nothing I could do for my car now and tried to let my anxiety wash away like the dirt in the garden. The longer it rained, the better I felt. Until the banging on both doors started. Someone else was here. I knew it had to be Daniel. He was the only one who wanted to find me. He was the only other one who knew what had happened to his brother. 


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