The Hike

A loud scream echoed through the forest just as I made it back to my car. I stopped short and wondered if there was any chance the scream came from Kelly. Even if it did, I didn’t think I could go back. I knew she was the one who had turned me in and had essentially ruined my reputation and thus, my life. What I had done was not wrong, exactly, it was just slightly frowned upon. I had promised to set everything right, but Kelly had different plans. She had turned me in and now she had to live with the consequences that came with her actions. I held a grudge hard and long and she knew I did, but that didn’t seem to bother her. 

All I wanted to do was to have her learn her lesson and I think the scream was just the beginning of the lesson. If she had ever listened to anything I had told her, she would be able to get out of the forest and to her car, quickly and easily. If she relied on her own sense of direction and ideas, she was in trouble. And it sounded like she was already in trouble. 

All of our problems started when I had skipped out of school a little early to partially avoid a test and to partially get my car serviced before I went out of town. My parents would never let me skip school for any reason so for obvious reasons, I didn’t tell them. Kelly had ‘accidentally’ let it slip when I was about to leave for Baltimore. Now I was stuck in town with no car and Kelly would find out what it was like to cross me. What should have been alarm bells for her somehow had transformed into her being okay on going on a hike with me. A hike she unknowingly would never make it home from. 


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