“I need my own space,” I whispered to myself as I watched Amy throw her clothes all over the room.  I knew exactly where her keys were, but if she had kept her side of the room clean, she wouldn’t be in this spot.   

“I need to go, I need to go, I need to go,” Amy recited this one line to herself over and over again while she continued to throw her dirty and clothes over themselves.  While I was not entirely the neatest person in the dorm, at least I didn’t have clothes littering every available spot on my or her side of the room.  

“Your keys might be under the books on your desk,” I finally said, not being able to take anymore of the clothes throwing. 

Amy screamed a little, but jumped up and ran toward her desk.  She continued straight on through the open door and down the hall.  She told me she was going to a study group, but as she hadn’t taken her laptop or any of her books, I knew she was going to meet Julian.  Julian was the only boyfriend I hadn’t trusted so far and he was the one Amy was falling the hardest for.  I wasn’t positive that he wasn’t also dating other women at the same time and I was pretty sure he was only using Amy for her money.  Her parents were both doctors and everyone knew she had a huge trust fund.  An unfortunate topic Amy herself brought up the first time she ever got drunk. 

Now, everyone was on her heels.  Everyone was asking for a few dollars here, a few dollars there, can she call the Uber to get them home?  She was always thinking she was making a few new friends, but I knew better. While she was gone, I would put my plan into action. My plan would out Amy being just Amy and prove she was not on top of the pedestal where everyone put her. I had only good intentions. Great intentions. The best of intentions. If I only knew how they would backfire. 


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