Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories


I always told myself I would be able to do it tomorrow.  Tell someone how much they meant to me – tomorrow.  Run that race I had always wanted to – tomorrow.  Write the book that had been floating in my head – tomorrow.  I would be the person I wanted to be – tomorrow.  The joke’s on me because tomorrow is finally here and I have nothing planned. Why had I not gone through with my plans? Why had I not become who I wanted to be? To be the active one? To be the writer? To be the skier?  

So now, here I am, at the end of my days, without doing everything I wanted to do. I always thought I had enough time, but time is fleeting. I am now relegated to my bed staring at the blue skies and sunshine wishing I had spent more time basking in the outdoors. Being only 31 and moderately healthy, I was expecting to live well into my old age. I hadn’t looked forward to gray hair and achy joints, but I had already accepted what was to come. I just hadn’t been expecting to be poisoned so early in my life. I didn’t even have a cavity! How could this be happening? I was poisoned by a man and would spend my last days wallowing in my heartbreak knowing I could never recover. I was shattered before I had even gotten my first gray hair. Don’t let anyone tell you life is fair. 

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