I knew I had everything I needed to nourish my soul, I just needed to be able to sit down and concentrate.  Concentration was something in short supply for me these days since I was now living in a house with roommates instead of a small apartment by myself.  I had loved my apartment and had never wanted to leave, but financial difficulties had led me astray.  I had put too much faith in the wrong person so I guess he technically led me astray with false promises and lies. 

So here I was, in a completely new situation, trying to figure out what I was going to do next. I knew I needed to learn my roommates routines sooner rather than later so I could plan my daily schedule around them. If I didn’t have any kind of routine, I would fall farther behind than ever. I was so used to living by myself, I wasn’t sure if I could remember how to live with other people. I just didn’t want to lose my sense of self now that I was surrounded by others all the time. If I didn’t sit in silence for part of the day, I would lose it. If I didn’t have a bath at least once a week, I would lose it. If I had to talk to someone for more than three hours a day, I would lose it. And if I lost it, someone would die and it would never be me. 


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