The Cost of being Wild

“I knew the cost would be high, but I didn’t know it would be…” I stared out the window and watched Derek’s truck back out of my driveway. He had bribed me and now he was blackmailing me. I thought the bribe was his way of asking me out on a date, but I certainly had misread the situation. 

But now, I would have to resort back into my old life and remember the tricks I once used. I was terrible to my parents in high school. I stayed out all night, drank, did drugs and often would come home just in time to go to school. As many different things my parents tried, I never took to any of them. Boarding school was threatened and was the only reason I straightened up as much as I did. 

My past misdeeds were catching up to me because Derek knew exactly what I had done on the last day of school and knew exactly who had been hurt. If I failed to complete my list of ‘duties’, I would be outed. Outed meant I would probably go to jail for a lengthy amount of time. The only thing I knew how to do to avoid jail was to show Derek that I meant business. No one could know I had stolen the puppy. The puppy who was now living happily with my aunt and uncle. The puppy who was worth several thousand dollars and had originally belonged to our principal. Dr. Taylor was the only one who had threatened to not let me graduate. All because I had egged his house and accidentally broken a window. 

Now I knew I had to get Redbone out of town before Derek came back. When Derek returned, I had to make sure where he would disappear. Forever. 

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