“Winter came fast this year.” Amanda stared out the window at the snow falling. “I hope they are planning on cancelling class tomorrow. I have so many other things to do.” 

As she stared out the window, I stared at my laptop as if I could will the email to come through. I had more important things on my mind than cancelling class. Personally, I needed to go to class. I needed to see Sean and needed him to tell me what had happened. He had promised to send an email if I didn’t see him by three and I was counting down the seconds until three o’clock hit. Sean refused to drive in any sort of weather other than sunshine because of some previous accident. He had some sort of trauma in his past that he refused to talk about, but I could possibly have some trauma if I didn’t hear from him soon. 

I had written a paper for a classmate and was two steps away from being expelled. Sean had somehow figured out what I had done and was on the verge of telling administration. He had promised he could help me, could take care of me and I only took him up on it because I knew I couldn’t be expelled. My family would disown me if I didn’t come home with a degree. And if I was disowned, it was worth more than my life. I never should have gotten involved, but Jack’s blackmail had been too promising. 

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