Posted by: DIYwriting | November 19, 2022


PHOTO PROMPT © Starsinclayjars 

I knew who the boot belonged to as soon as I saw it. It was Jeff’s and he was once again off his medicine. If he was still taking his antibiotics, he wouldn’t have the fever I knew he had to have. If he was still on his other medications, he couldn’t get along without his walking boot. There was only one thing that could get him up, around and moving, but I felt it was strange I hadn’t heard anything about it. The only reason Jeff would leave his house now was if the Rolling Stones were in town. 

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  1. A chain of inference worthy of the great Sherlock Holmes himself


  2. Seems to me that Jeff is enjoying leading people on, there is nothing wrong with him, just my opinion.


  3. Not sure Jeff made the antibiotic and boot connection. 🙂


  4. Dear DIY,

    I guess the Rolling Stones are in town? Or perhaps Jeff is delirious.




  5. But of course! Hope Jeff is found before further injuries are incurred, like while he’s trying to climb up on stage to hug Mick or Keith.


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