I wish I knew why Jared’s happiness was centered around whether or not Applebee’s was open.  At first, I had thought he was falling for one of the waitresses, then maybe it was one of the waiters he had a thing for, but after following him a few times, I realized he didn’t have an eye for any particular person working at Applebee’s.  But I did wonder why he was so obsessed with eating there.  Sure, the steaks were all right and the salads were not bad, but wouldn’t it just be easier and cheaper to make those at home?  Why frequent a restaurant several times a week when you could make the same exact salad in the comfort of your own kitchen? 

The more I watched, the more I spied, I began to start wondering what really was going on with Jared.  I wanted to come out and ask him exactly what was going on in his life, but didn’t think he would be willing to tell me anything.  Even after knowing him for the better part of three years, I still knew next to nothing about his family.  Or even where he lived.  Maybe that was why I started to follow him.  I just wanted to know more about his life since I knew he would never tell me otherwise. I almost laughed out loud when I found out his Applebee’s obsession was based around the mozzarella sticks and then almost cried when I found out they reminded him of his mother. 


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