Finance Update

I have started my hopeful journey to being a minimalist. Which is kind of funny based on the amount of things I have. But I started today listing some of my clothes on Poshmark and also found out you can list dishes on the app as well. I am slightly obsessed with Poshmark due to the fact you can buy and sell used clothes instead of buying brand new and adding to the world of fast fashion. Here is a small breakdown of what I am getting rid of this go round and hopefully will add more to it before my lease is up in mid-March. I would love to be able to not move again so soon, but the rent on this apartment is a bit above what I am comfortable spending. 

Jackets – 4 

Hoodie – 1 

Shirts – 11 

Shoes –1  

Hat – 1  

Purses – 3 

Pajama pants – 1 

Cardigans – 8 

Miscellaneous (dishes, towels, etc.) – 37 

Hangers – 45!! 

Skirt hangers – 8 

I am also trying to keep track of what I am spending money on during the week so I can see exactly where my money is going. I did find myself yesterday thinking about a new craft idea and had to talk myself out of going straight to Michaels to get the supplies I didn’t already have!  

One of the other things I have been doing is to get out all the fabric I have collected over the years – I am a chronic shopper of the clearance bins – and to cut it up to hopefully finish the quilts I have started, but never finished. Here are two quilts I am hoping to finish:  

Check out my Poshmark site! I am also hoping to upload some of my art onto Etsy so I will keep you updated on that area of unloading my belongings. 


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