Saving Money to Travel!!

I wouldn’t say I’m a compulsive shopper, but I do have some weaknesses when I am at the store. Especially at Target and any arts and craft store…. I have long considered myself to be a writer and have a serious weakness for any kind of notebook and all kinds of pens. If there is a sale, you can probably find me there. If there is a sale on paint, canvas, yarn, fabric on the clearance rack… you can find me there as well. Being a Librarian, I love to read (though I promise, I don’t spend my entire workday reading as most seem to assume) and have managed to curtail my buying of books. I check out books constantly from the library and read them on my Kindle and having access to five different library cards, I feel like I have endless supply of books to read! If I find that I really like a book or an author, I will often buy their book so I can pass it around to family and friends in hopes they will like the book as much as I do! 

But what really brings me to this post is that I just read The Year of Less by Cait Flanders and now I find myself wanting to get rid of most of my belongings and become (I kind of hate to say it) a minimalist. I love traveling and have a brand-new niece and a friend who lives in Ireland who is about to have her first baby! I want to spend more time with my friends and family and if that means cutting back on buying art supplies and clothes that often sit around in my current home, I am planning to do it! Or at least try. I would rather spend my time visiting friends, skiing (which means I’m also hoping there is lots of snow in Santa Fe this year) and going on the vacations I have been dreaming about for years. I’m hoping with less spending and more saving, I can afford the plane tickets and hotel rooms in all the places I want to visit. Maybe it will also cure my dad of complaining about all my shit (he means stuff..) whenever I move. 

I hope to update here on my spending future to help keep myself accountable. I am also planning on posting some of my clothes on Poshmark if you love buying loved clothes as much as I do. If you are on Poshmark and are looking for some loved clothes, check out my closet! Not much there now, but look at this big pile of clothes I will update on my site as soon as the boxes come.  

You can also find Cait Flanders’ blog here and she has two books – The Year of Less and Adventures in Opting Out if you are interested in reading either one. I just started reading Adventures in Opting Out and am already planning my next adventure. 


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