The Campout

I had been waiting for this camping trip for weeks.  Months even.  Ever since I had heard about the trip through the grapevine at school, I had been preparing.  I had finally started walking again.  I was slow and unsteady at first, but now I was walking up the hills in our neighborhood without ever getting out of breath.  I needed this trip more than I had needed anything in years.  I knew if I didn’t get back out into the world – into my life, today, I knew I would be stuck here forever. I was tired of being scared to try something new and this was the first chance I had to maybe do something out of the ordinary. 

As excited as I was, I was horrified when I heard Amy had signed up. Amy had always been my worst enemy because I didn’t look or act how she thought I should. My older brother was the quarterback of the football team and to her, I seemed like a nobody. She didn’t understand why I didn’t push my older brother’s fame to get more attention thrust on myself. She didn’t know why I wanted to stay in the background when I could supposedly ‘rule the school’. Amy didn’t seem to understand I could get more things done if I stayed behind the scenes. I could run the school without her ever knowing. Which was exactly what I did and was planning to do while I went on the camping trip. Amy was only my worst nightmare because she had unknowing threatened my plans a number of times. I needed a few days of the camping trip to complete my plan, but I knew Amy would only get in the way.  

I had learned enough about cars to where I could temporarily disable her car so she couldn’t make it to the trip, but I also had to make sure she couldn’t call for a ride. Because if she did, Operation Save Amy’s Life would not be successful. I alone knew what would happen if Amy made it to the campout. She would be taken back to her parents and would never return to the life she thought she loved. If I only hadn’t overheard the conversation, I wouldn’t have to worry. But our house is small and the walls are thin so I overheard my brother talking on the phone. By the time the trip was over, I wished I had known he was talking about me and not Amy. I hadn’t known I was adopted. 


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