The Shadow

Everything was going well until the sun started to set. That’s when the ghosts of my past started to come out. All the ghosts I thought I had hidden far enough into my closet I thought they were never going to emerge. I don’t know what it was about the sunset that worried me tonight, but it did. Maybe it was because my friends and I were at an unfamiliar beach that did me in? I didn’t know, but I suddenly needed to leave. 

I knew if I didn’t leave soon, I would be spouting off everything I didn’t want anyone else to know. If anyone found out how I cheated on the ACT or how I had a misdemeanor on my record, my shot at attending Stanford would be done for. It was almost like the beach was asserting its power over my loose tongue. Maybe if I faked a sickness, my friends would be okay with me leaving for the rest of the night. Food poisoning would have to be it. Nobody wanted somebody barfing all around their party. What a downer that would be. The sooner I left, the quicker I could get my mouth under control. After I successfully begged off the party, I practically ran to my car holding my hand over my mouth as if I was trying to not get sick on the beach when in reality, I was trying to not yell out all my secrets. 

I unlocked my front door with shaky hands and took a deep sigh of relief when I locked the door behind me. The pressure on my heart lessened the further from the beach I got, but when I felt the hot breath on my neck, I knew I was in trouble. The shadow loomed over my shoulder and I knew he was back. The man of the shadows was here to ruin me. Once and for all. 


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