Jordy’s Revenge

“What have you done?” the headmaster bellowed, all eyes now turned to me as he stood over the lifeless body on playground. I turned around and looked behind me because surely everyone wasn’t thinking I had anything to do with the body. But in fact, he apparently was staring straight at me. I could feel my face start burning as everyone else started to stare at me as well. I knew it wasn’t me, but somewhere along the way I had been branded as the trouble maker of the class. The one responsible for any and all mischief. Why and how that had escalated to me being blamed for a dead body, I didn’t know. 

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I just got out here,” I mumbled, staring at the headmaster. 

“What? Speak up!” The headmaster grabbed my elbow and pulled me closer to the body. 

“I didn’t do it! I didn’t do anything wrong!” I started dragging my feet with no intention of going any closer. He couldn’t make me. Suspend me or expel me, but he couldn’t make me move any closer to something that was no longer breathing. I made my body go limp and if he really wanted me to get close to Jordy, he would have to drag me there in front of everybody. Everyone had told me not to be friends with Jordy, but I hadn’t listened. He was the only one who listened to me. The only one who was nice to me. But even I knew that birds didn’t and wouldn’t live as long as me. I had befriended the raven anyway and now he was dead. And I knew the headmaster was to blame. He was probably the one who had poisoned Jordy’s food. But he wouldn’t know what hit him when I took my revenge. For Jordy. 


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