My heart shattered like a China dish falling onto a cement sidewalk. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I wondered how I would ever survive. How I could have trusted Daniel for so long was beyond me. Two years, four months and eighteen days. That was how long I was devoted to our relationship when I found him at home with another woman. I knew by the guilty look on Daniel’s face what had happened. What I didn’t know was how long it had been going. 

“Wait! Let me explain -” I had heard Daniel call after me as I walked straight back out of the front door and toward my car. I had to pick the pieces of my heart up with every step I took, but I tried to make myself believe it would be better for me in the long run. That I would be better off with someone who appreciated me for who I was. I had done everything I could to make Daniel happy and for our relationship to be healthy and successful. If he had told me from the beginning he had a drop-dead gorgeous sister, I probably wouldn’t have thrown everything away for a misunderstanding. 


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