The Haircut

Everything about my hair was wrong. The cut, the color, everything. All I had asked for was to get a trim and somehow I woke up and everything was wrong. And I had to go back to school and have everyone stare at me. What your hair looked like at Ashton Grove was everything and one wrong thing would be a disaster. And this was my disaster. Two weeks before I graduated high school and left town forever. 

I only wondered how Isabelle had gotten away with it. Had there been something in my drink? How had I made the mistake of asking her to cut my hair? She had been my greatest enemy since ninth grade when she thought I stole her boyfriend. In reality, we had been dating behind closed doors since the end of eighth grade and he had never actually agreed they were dating. They ate lunch together once and told the entire school they were dating. 

I had to come up with a plan and quick. I had to fix my hair so I could graduate and leave town with my dignity intact. Either that or make sure Isabelle would suffer the same consequences. As I started to fix my hair as well as I could, I started to come up with ideas to deal with her ash blond hair. To help her feel as horrible as she made me feel. By the end of the week, I was amazed by how well putting JELLO packets in a shower head could transform someone’s hair so nicely. 


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