Posted by: DIYwriting | October 8, 2022


PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart 

The rain was unrelenting and it was beginning to put me on edge. I had come to the beach for a sunny vacation and here I was, stuck in endless rain. I actually enjoyed rain for the most part, but this was out of control. If I had wanted rain, I could have stayed home. The beach had been calling my name for months and I was stuck in a never-ending loop of rain. I wanted the sun before my life was ending. I only had two days, seven hours and twenty-six minutes before I was being called back. 

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  1. Very sad! Not much time left to find a dry place to enjoy!


  2. There is always something out of our control that conspires to ruin holidays.


  3. Intriguing story, which left me wondering if this character was being called, to time travel, back to a world of snow and ice


  4. Drama seems to lurk behind the scenes in this one. Well done.


  5. Murphy’s Law says it is not going to happen 😦 Maybe there will be sunshine and blue skies in heaven…


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