The Power of the Cross

When the air turned black, I knew I was in trouble. The black only meant one thing, that Adam was back. Adam was back and I knew I would be punished. I knew hiding wouldn’t work, that I would just have to wait for him to arrive. As I waited for Adam to find me, I tried to plan how I could convince him I was no longer a danger to his future plans. That I had learned my lesson when I had accidentally let his secret slip. I kept repeating ‘accidentally’ to myself in hopes I would tell him it truly was an accident. But in reality, it was not an accident I let his secret slip. I had one hundred percent done it on purpose.  My family didn’t know what his plans were and they would all end up in the subway when it crashed. I couldn’t afford to lose my family and I would not lose them just because Adam was angry. 

The subway crash had been ruled an accident due to a malfunctioning part, but I knew better. Adam had powers I would never and could never understand and he had been angry with me. The only way I could stay alive, but still be hurt was for him to destroy my family. I had found the plans laying on his desk when I came home from work early and had been astonished. For someone with certain, but somewhat unknown powers, why would he even need to write anything down? Couldn’t he just think it and it would happen? My conclusion was that he wanted me to find his plans and confront him. I wasn’t quite sure of what I was going to say, but needed to figure something out before it was too late. 

But with the black air becoming more impenetrable by the minute, I had the urge to give up. But before I did, I raced to the living room to find a cross, any cross. Crosses were the only thing Adam wouldn’t touch. I hadn’t figured out if his faith was too strong or too weak, but I had one chance. If I didn’t succeed, I was done. 


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