My heart felt hollow the minute he left.  Then it immediately filled again with all the plans I had not been able to fulfill while Mitch was still around.  He had held me back so much and so often, I had almost forgotten I had my own voice.  My own ideas.  I knew the first thing I wanted to do was to paint the entire interior of the house.  I wanted the walls to be bright and cheerful whereas Mitch had wanted everything to be tan and neutral, including the furniture, sheets, bedspread, dishes.  Everything. 

The first night I was alone in my own house, I sat down on the couch with a glass of wine and savored the silence.  Mitch had never left before so I was pretty sure he was gone for good.  But just in case, I had plans to get all the locks changed so he could not barge in unannounced.  The more I had thought about our relationship, the more I knew it had been doomed from the beginning.  I think I knew it had been, but liked the comfort of having someone around most of the time.  That was until last Thursday when Mitch took matters into his own hands.  Matters dealing with my dog, Virginia.   

Virginia was my first and at the moment, only baby, and Mitch couldn’t get over the fact I didn’t want to spend every waking second catering to his needs.  I had other friends, family and Virginia to spend time with.  Last Thursday he had left Virginia outside all day in the heat without any water and when I took her to the vet when I got home from work to get everything checked out, he had only laughed.  As if almost killing my dog was a normal thing to do.  Little did I know, Mitch had made other plans of being able to get back at me for changing the locks on him.  When I was almost fired for a rumor he started, I knew exactly what truth would get him fired. And that way, I would have a clear ladder to the top of the company while he watched me take his position and become the first female CEO. 


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