The Metal Mask

I watched in horror as the man’s mask started shining in the sunlight. I still had no idea what he was doing or where he was going, I was just praying I would not be hurt. That my friends won’t be hurt. I knew I had to stand my ground, mainly because I didn’t think my legs would work. I also couldn’t get a good look at his eyes, but I couldn’t tell if they were focused on me or not. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself in case he wasn’t really seeing me. 

As he slowly turned to his left, I began to retreat to my car. His awkward way of walking – or maybe he was stumbling – covered the noise I made getting back to my car. I slowly slid into the driver’s seat as I watched the man weave down the middle of the street. I pulled my phone out of my purse and tried to unlock my phone but it became increasingly difficult as my hands continued to shake. By the time I looked back up to the street to check on how far away the man had gotten, he had disappeared. Where had he turned? Had he gotten into a car? Had someone picked him up? I hadn’t heard any cars approaching, but then again, my heart had been in my throat and the pounding had reached my ears. 

I started my car and headed in the direction the man had stumbled. I had my phone tuned to 911 and was prepared to call as soon as I found him again. I needed someone else to see the man in the shining mask. The man who couldn’t walk straight at ten in the morning. But before I found him, I found myself floating. Floating toward the sun, the moon and the stars. I had no control, but found myself transfixed on where I was going instead of wondering why I was floating. It was a dream and I never wanted it to end. 


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