The Underworld

When the fingers gripped my arm in the darkness, I screamed. I knew Harvey had told me to be quiet, but the fingers were so cold. So thin. So… I don’t know. I screamed until Harvey’s hand clamped over my mouth. 

“What is it this time? Have you forgotten we are being hunted?” He whispered into my ear. I felt the icy fingers loosen as they trailed down my arm. I frantically looked for whoever or whatever it was, but couldn’t see anything in my blind panic.  

“Someone is here with us,” I whispered back when he finally let me go.  

“That’s because -” he started. Even in the darkness I knew he was rolling his eyes. 

“No. That is the reason I screamed. Someone grabbed onto my arm.”  

As Harvey sighed and I felt him move away, I knew he didn’t believe me. The forest was haunted. I hadn’t wanted to come in the first place, but he had convinced me something horrible was going to happen if we stayed in the house. I knew something horrible was going to happen in the forest. As he walked farther ahead with the flashlight, I made my decision. 

I started backpedaling quietly back to the house. If he didn’t believe in the beings haunting the forest, I wasn’t going to try and explain them anymore. He was going to have to find out for himself. Little did I know, as I was trying to relax in the warm comforts of our house, he would be joining them in the underworld. And that I would be next. 


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