As soon as I scratched Graham’s face out of the photograph, I felt better.  Then it quickly turned to anxiety.  What would my sister think if she found out what I had done to her favorite photo?  I quickly took the photo and the frame and tiptoed back to my room.  If she found out what I had done, I would be through.  I was already walking a thin line with my family and destroying Sara’s favorite photo of Graham would tip the scales. 

If anyone had listened to me in the first place, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I packed the photo into my purse and headed out to my car. Maybe I could get rid of the evidence before anyone noticed. But part of me wondered if I should also maybe look like a break-in. If someone maybe had ransacked Sara’s room, I would be off the hook. Luckily, I knew just the person who could ransack the room for practically nothing. The only problem was to get him to come over before Sara got home. the wheels started spinning about how I could delay Sara’s arrival until after Miller came by. I knew Miller only wanted to impress me and I knew he would do anything I asked. He had been infatuated with me since we were thirteen and had refused to listen to anything I had to say on the subject. So if he wouldn’t listen about the fact I had no feelings for him, was it wrong to use him? Maybe, but now was not the time to start thinking about all my sins. 

Little did I know, Miller’s infatuation had turned from me to Sara. While he had agreed to ransack her room while I asked her to meet me for a happy hour, by the time we returned, Miller was still sitting on her perfectly made bed in her perfectly clean room. Holding the photo where I had scratched out Graham’s face. To my favor, Sara was having none of it and screamed at Miller for ruining her favorite photo. I smiled at Miller over Sara’s shoulder, certain that I had finally won.  


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