The Traitor

I always thought the greatest sin would be to disobey my parents, but I learned quickly that was not the truth. The greatest sin would be to obey their every word. Instead of being told what I wanted, I had finally learned to think on my own. I didn’t want to go to church every day. I didn’t want to wear the outfits my mom demanded I wear. I didn’t want to live in silence. 

I wanted to have a life. A life other than the one they had dictated for me. I wanted to be able to go shopping with my friends – the friends they thought were a bad influence. I wanted to be able to dress myself in outfits with patterns and colors. I wanted to be able to listen to music, to go to concerts, to live life full out. As I plotted and planned, I knew I couldn’t get caught until my plan was complete. My plan to rebel against my parents had to get down to the nitty gritty details before I could begin. If I got caught before I was ready, I would be doomed. I would more than likely be sent to a convent. Or worse, a boarding school. 

Before I could enact my plan to convert my parents, I was caught. The most surprising part was I was turned in by one of my ‘friends’. The friend I would have done anything for. I had trusted her too much and the blow back was she was the traitor. She had done the worst of the worst. It was no surprise my parents had enlisted her help. 


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