Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Broken Windows

The window was broken before I even knew what happened.  The one thing I did know was I didn’t have enough money to fix it. I tried to slide back into the woods before the owner of the car came out of the grocery store, but wasn’t sure if I had made in in time. A few seconds after I stepped into the shadows, a man came running out to his car. By the way he wildly turned in circles, he didn’t have any real idea where I was. I thought my best option was to slowly sink down into the deeper shadows, but I was afraid to move. What if he saw me? What if he came for me? 

But as I slowly sank down to my knees, he didn’t budge. I could see his chest rapidly rising and falling as if he was breathing hard and hoped it was just anger instead of a health problem. I already felt guilty about the window, but couldn’t handle anything more serious happening to the owner of the car. When he didn’t stalk directly into the words where I was hiding, I began to relax. My shoulders came down from around my ears and I was able to unclench my jaw. I just hoped he didn’t look too closely at the rock until he had already left because then the message wouldn’t be delivered to the right person. Jerry had to know I was watching him. 

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