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Save the Bees!

PHOTO PROMPT © Trish Nankeville 

Close-ups were the only photographs I felt comfortable taking. I thrived on the details and loved not having to worry about composing a background. Lately I had become obsessed with flowers because I had attended a program at the local library about the declining bee population. I was hoping my photographs would bring back an interest in saving bees and nature, but if my father heard what I was into he would flip. He was a climate change denier and especially loved expanding on his ideas the Earth was flat and astronauts weren’t real. He needed to learn the truth. 

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9 responses to “Save the Bees!”

  1. Yup, he does. Photographing flowers does sound lovely 🙂


  2. It is hard to resist a beautiful flower. Well done.

    As for the flat earthers and conspiracy theorists, what can I say?


  3. We can’t chose our fathers!


  4. I’d like more bees, and I want them now. Climate control? I don’t understand how.


  5. Hmm… family politics can be a tricky topic. I hope your MC continues on their own path to enlightenment, even if Dad has to be left behind.


  6. Interesting tale and take on the prompt, Isadora 😎


  7. Very interesting character study that covers a lot of territory in 100 words.


  8. I have severe–not deadly, but severe–reactions to bee stings. I’m afraid of them. However, I acknowledge their importance and they are truly fascinating to study.


  9. I am sure some people only follow their mad ideas to annoy others and get attention.


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