All I wanted to do was relax, but I could never find a second to myself.  I knew if I didn’t process what happened the night before, I would never be able to survive.  I could never survive another night under this house if I had to explain my actions to anyone else.  Or defend my actions to anyone else.  If I was asked one more time what had happened in the backyard, I would more than likely explode. 

I had never been to a party that had gotten as out of control as Jenna’s party.  Since the population of White was only 247 on a good day, everyone knew everyone.  If things got out of hand, parents would be notified immediately.  That’s why our parties (at least the ones I went to) never got too loud.  If there was any mischief, we had to keep the raging to a minimum.  That’s why I had been so surprised at Thomas and Robert’s behavior.  If it hadn’t been for them, the party would have gone smoothly and I would have been home by curfew. 

Now I was headed for the back of the Sheriff’s truck and I was sure I wouldn’t see another party for the rest of the year. My father being as conservative as he was, didn’t believe in parties or any ‘outlandish’ behavior which is why he often thought I was at Bible study most nights. I wasn’t sure why he believed me, but I knew he never would again. But the real question I was asking myself in the back seat of the Sheriff’s truck was whether or not I had let myself down? Or had I let him down? And did it really matter? 


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