Growing up, I had never had an interest in football, but always managed to fall in love with football players.  Thus, I was required to attend every single football game my boyfriend was playing in.  Most of the time, I had to make up my own games so I wouldn’t be bored to tears watching the actual football game.  If I could get away with it, I would always take a book or a journal with me on Friday nights.  As I sat in the stands, I often wondered how I got myself into this predicament so many times.  I didn’t like football and I didn’t like my fellow students who attended the games. They were too into themselves and too into makeup. 

Though in my desperation to make new friends, I closely watched the members of the band. The different moves they did during halftime was astonishing. I couldn’t even believe they could play music, march in different directions and look one hundred percent like professionals. I didn’t even know anything about instruments, band or really how to even talk about what they were doing, but I had to join. Somehow. Some way. The night my band dreams really came to a head was when I saw Tyler. Everyone looked a bit uncomfortable in their band uniforms, but Tyler – he was shining. I had to have him. I didn’t know his last name and I definitely didn’t know what instrument he was playing. A clarinet? An oboe? I was at least sure it wasn’t a tuba, but I knew my work cut out for me. Especially when I noticed he had his eyes on the cheerleaders. At least I knew I could handle them. I knew all their secrets from all my years of being invisible in the hallways. 

No one ever seemed to notice I was there and continued their conversations regardless of how close I was standing. But now, at seventeen, I was ready to play. To shine. To show everyone what they had been missing all these years. I just needed how to learn how to play an instrument while continuing to by my invisible, ghostly self. And convince Tyler to join me on the other side. The haunting side of life. 


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