“If nothing else, at least you were consistent,” I said as Flynn drove away. “Consistent enough for me to know exactly what was going to happen today and prepare myself.”  

I stopped muttering to myself as I noticed two teenagers give me a wide berth on the sidewalk. I smiled sweetly at them – which only made them walk faster – before turning my attention back to Flynn’s car. I had known known he was going to break up with me from the subtle hints he had been dropping the last several days. What he hadn’t realized is that I had already known about his girl on the side because I had found the dating app on his phone.  

Flynn also didn’t know how vindictive I could be as well. I had a plan in place to make him realize what he was going to miss by leaving me. By cheating on me. By ghosting me. And if everything went as expected, he would be having dinner with my twin sister tomorrow night. The twin he didn’t know I had, because of course, I didn’t have a twin. Even though I had been talking about her for the entirety of our relationship. She was the one he claimed to have fallen in love with even though it was me the entire time. I couldn’t wait until I dropped the bomb. 


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