Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories


I had always been adept at the art of being able to hide.  To disappear. My proficiency at hiding in plain sight came about mainly because I had always been suspicious of other people.  My father had always been wary of others spying on our family and did everything in his power to pass along his suspicions to his children. But he did it very subtly. I hid money under my mattress. I didn’t own a cell phone until I was out of college. I never joined in on the social media craze my classmates fell prey to and I often wondered what everyone found so appealing about sharing every aspect of their life with strangers. 

But now, I saw the value in sharing ‘my’ life. I could be anyone I wanted to be on social media. No one knew that Sage Thatcher was me. And no one knew that I alone was Sage Thatcher. I wanted to be the Heineken man – ‘the most interesting man in the world’ – and knew that I could achieve my goals with Instagram. I didn’t have to post photos of myself or of any person in general. I knew if I studied other ‘influencers’ I could become just as famous as they were without anyone knowing exactly who I was or where I lived. As I worked up my courage and my content, I saw my followers grow. My goal was to have my art (Sage’s art) on the front of every magazine in the United States.  

Everything came crashing down the day my father found out I had a cell phone. My image was ruined and so was my escape. I was doomed to live in his shadow forever. Until the day I bought a laptop and Sage came back to life. 

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