The handwritten note got passed around the class and I wondered what everyone was laughing about.  I had gotten to class a few minutes late because I was hoping to get a word in with Cyrus only to find him engaged in a lip lock with Darcy the Cheerleader during passing period.  Darcy the Cheerleader had literally rebranded herself when she was a sophomore so she wouldn’t be confused with Darcy the Nerd.  Which was kind of her, I guess, as I never wanted to be a cheerleader.  At least I wouldn’t be confused for her anymore.   

Though she was taking up more of my thoughts than I deemed necessary.  I was spending too much time wondering how I could break her and Cyrus up instead of doing my homework.  I watched Mr. B sidle over towards the side of the room where Thomas was sitting and I knew at once he had seen the note being passed around as well and was just waiting to intercept.  As he read the note, I watched his face darken and shot the slightest of glances my way as the rest of the class stifled their laughter.  I looked down at my desk and sank lower into my seat.  Now I was certain what the note was about.  It was about me and about what happened last week. 

Darcy the Cheerleader had made it a point to make it clear we were not friends and never would be. I knew now the entire class would never be friends with me either. Little did Darcy the Cheerleader know, I knew all of her secrets. I may have been a nerd, but I was also a hacker and knew how to hack into her computer. 


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