The Closet

“Why do you stack your clothes like this?  Wouldn’t it be easier to hang them up in your closet?  What do you have in your closet?”  Jason headed to my closet and I felt my stomach tighten. 

“Hey, why you gonna go into my closet?  Can’t I keep some things private?”  I sat up on my bed and tossed my hair over my shoulder. 

Jason tried to push his nosiness off as being helpful, but I knew he really just wanted to go through everything I owned.  He would pick apart my entire apartment if I would let him which is why we hardly ever met here. I preferred to keep some things private, and he wanted to be in control of every aspect of our relationship. If that’s even what you could call it. 

“Oh please. I know everything about you already. Why don’t you just let me help?” I jumped off my bed and stood in front of my closet before Jason even had a chance to reach for the knob. I couldn’t let him in. I had too much to hide. Specifically, I had too much to hide from Jason. 

I knew what he would do with the information he would eventually stumble upon in my closet and I was not prepared for it. The smirk on his face meant he knew I was hiding something. I was saved from answering questions when my roommate called his name. Or more specifically, his girlfriend called his name. And since he had almost free access to the apartment whenever he wanted, I needed to move everything he was looking for. Tonight. 

Hell would freeze if Jason ever found the pictures I had. And I needed to be ready for when it did. 


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