I never understood how someone could be as generous as Sophia.  She never took anything for herself and instead tried to think of who would benefit most.  I liked to think I thought of other people more than myself, but I didn’t think I was as nice as Sophia. 

What really surprised me more was when I heard others talking trash about Sophia.  I heard a lot of ‘I can’t believe she didn’t give me that’ or ‘I don’t know why I wasn’t on top of her list.’  This from the same people who never lifted a finger for Sophia or anyone else, but yet complained they weren’t given top priority.  I wanted to show my support for Sophia, but at the same time show my disdain for all those who took advantage of her. 

I began plotting and exacting my revenge on a Monday.  I had planned to start on a Sunday, but thought I shouldn’t try to plan my revenge while I was in church.  My first experiment in revenge would be with Summer.  She had loudly protested recently when Sophia didn’t help her get out of a tight spot financially (as if Sophia was responsible for her money management skills). 

Two days after my plan was put in place, Summer was gone.  Disappeared with a pocket of money that didn’t belong to her.  But not for long. I knew how to track her down and make her pay for everything she had done. Sophia would be grateful to me forever, she just had to be. 


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