The Big Reveal

“Reveal yourself!”  Scott pointed at the closet and used his loudest voice for his command.  If I wasn’t so scared, I probably would have started giggling. 

I knew something or someone was in the closet.  There had been noises all week, but every time Scott and I had checked, nothing and nobody was there.  Like someone knew we were about to look in the closet and immediately stopped moving. 

I had heard the noise first, but I thought I had just been scaring myself.  I was nervous Scott would make fun of me scaring myself over nothing.  But he approached me yesterday and asked if I had been hearing voices in the closet like he had.  Now we were both coming to terms that something or someone was living in the closet. 

When nothing happened Scott looked over his shoulder at me. 

“We’ll have to go in,” he whispered.  “We have to get whatever it is, out of the house.” 

I nodded and we both started slowly tiptoeing toward the door.  My breathing became erratic as we inched closer.  Was the air conditioner on or was it getting colder.  Maybe it was just my imagination again.  I remembered nothing after the figure floated out of the closet. 


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