The Meeting

“I hadn’t heard about any meeting.  Who is going to be there and what are we going to talk about?”  Lori pulled me down the hallway as I tried to dig m heels into the carpet. 

“You have to come.  You have to be part of the meeting.”  Lori didn’t loosen her grip on my wrist and I knew better than to try and yank my hand out of her grasp.  Lori, half the time, thought she was my boss and there was no getting around her when she had her mind made up.  I knew for a fact she had not told me about the meeting and knew I would probably make a fool out of myself.  Lori was good at putting you on the spot if she thought you should know something and you didn’t. 

“I don’t want to be a part of this meeting.  I have things I need to work on and errands I need to run.  Let go of my arm.”  I don’t know who was more surprised about speaking, me or Lori. 

She released my arm as she slowly turned to look at me.  Her face changed from her normal smile to a firm, but quiet rage.  I had never seen this look on her and it brought some satisfaction knowing I was the one who caused it. 

“You will come to your party.  Or else.” 


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