I knew I was in trouble the moment I found my sister reading my journal.  She would know about all the secrets and opinions I had about my family and my friends.  I didn’t really like any of them.  I knew my parents thought sending me to college would further my education just enough. 

Just enough to come home to work for the family business.  Just enough to learn accounting but not ask questions.  Just enough to be out of their hair and come back after realizing how good I had it.  But instead, college had only brought everything to life I had been missing. 

I had freedom.  I had my own opinion and I wore what clothes I wanted.  I read what I wanted and talked when I wanted.  But now my sister knew.  She knew my faults and my misgivings.  She knew what guys I liked and who I didn’t.  My sister would find out I had gotten a job – something that had always been forbidden by our father. 

“Let me explain,” I started as she looked up at me.  Her face was red, but I couldn’t tell if she was going to rage at me or start laughing.  I had held back some about her because I knew she was a bit of a snoop and would probably end up reading.  Even though, her slap caught me off guard. 


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