“No way you found teeth on your walk.  We live in the city.  People walk these streets all day every day.  Someone would have picked them up before you.”  My father stared at me as if he was begging me to contradict him.  He would never let anything he considered magical or untrue into the house.  I was only able to read Harry Potter because my father didn’t know.  I checked the books out from the school library and kept them at school at all times.  I didn’t talk about the books, the movies, magic, nothing. 

He did everything in his power to keep me isolated from any influence and any new ideas.  If he knew of any of the groups or clubs I was in throughout my high school career, he would have pulled me out and homeschooled me.  For sure.  From what I have gathered about the grandparents I never met, they were too into the divine, into the wild, and into the everlasting.  I got the hint he tried to forge ahead with his head in the clouds, but could never get his feet off the ground.  The farther my grandparents ventured into the unknown and the celestial, the more rooted he came into science. 

So now here I was finding something possibly scientific and he wouldn’t even listen.  I backed down from pressing my father about the teeth.  For now.  My resolution was to look through the ‘forbidden’ basement as soon as he left for work.  I knew that’s where the rest of the teeth had gone and who they belonged to.  They were my mother’s. 


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