Carpe Diem

“Please don’t even tell me to seize the day.  Carpe diem is the last thing I want to hear from you.  If that comes out of your mouth, I will leave immediately.”    I didn’t look at Mary, but I could feel her eyes boring holes into the back of my head.  I didn’t turn because I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of knowing how annoyed I was. 

Mary got on my nerves with every shift we worked together.  Without fail, she always had long drawn out stories about her dreams and told terrible jokes that never made any sense.  I always managed to be at the front desk when she was in her most talkative episode I had been forced to listen to in several months. 

Mary’s weirdest dream was the dream where she married Abraham Lincoln, divorced him for Han Solo from Star Wars and then the three of them took a trip to the moon together.  I had to pinch myself several times while she was analyzing her dream so I wouldn’t fall asleep (or laugh) in front of her.  Today she was on a roll that everyone needed to live their best life and take care of themselves above all else.  She had literally been talking about seizing her moment, her chance for the time of her life for three hours straight.  Mary talked until I quite literally lost my mind. 

“Carpe Diem,” was the last thing she would ever whisper into my ear. 


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