The Haunted Apartment

When we first stepped into the apartment, I knew we could never live there.  The main problem being the fact the windows were small and dark.  Mom had too many plants for this to be acceptable.  I also craved natural light too much to be stuck in such a dark apartment.  But when my mom smiled grimly, I felt my heart sink.  I guess our bank account was in more trouble than I thought. What I hadn’t expected was the haunting that would come with the renting of the apartment. 

Things started off subtly, but quickly became overbearing. The worst part of the haunting was the fact my mother seemed to be oblivious to everything. She seemed to go to work, come home, eat and sleep without any problems. I, on the other hand, could not be in the apartment overnight without hearing being disturbed. Items in my room would move without being touched. My bedroom would go from frigid to unbearable heat without either one of us changing the thermostat. The longer we stayed in our apartment, the less I slept and the more paranoid I became. When I asked my mother if she had noticed any disturbances, she practically laughed in my face. Or was that my paranoia acting up again? 

Was she the one who was causing the problems? Was she the one who changed the thermostat while I wasn’t paying attention? Maybe I was in such a state of terror and was so sleep deprived, I had no real grasp of reality. The day I lost everything was the day I finally talked to the apartment manager. When I told him how affected I was by the ghosts or the spirits or whatever was happening in our apartment and my mother was somehow spared, he only stared at me. Dumbfounded. 

“But you live there alone? I have never met your mother.” 


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