The Fire Escape


When I first moved into the apartment building, I had a love/hate relationship with the fire escape. The love came from the fact yellow was my favorite color (dumb, I know) and that I was also terrified of fires so I was happy there was a way for me to escape. I hated the fire escape because I was not fond of heights. Something about the yellow tunnel scared the living daylights out of me. When my neighbor’s cooking caught the building on fire, I hadn’t known my biggest danger would be the fact I couldn’t get my window open. 

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4 responses to “The Fire Escape”

  1. Oh wow. I think there is a long line of people (e.g. landlord) and entities (e.g. building inspector, city inspection department) that are going to get sued over this negligent homicide 😦 I feel bad for this victim.


  2. Oh no. That’s a clever twist at the end. It’s so true, though – we can obsess over so many things and totally miss the real problems. This made me smile, although I hate to think she came to harm. I’m going to believe she got out of that fire and managed to overcome all her fears and phobias.


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