When my mom called out of the blue, I knew something was probably wrong. Or she needed money. We had not talked in almost ten years because she had gotten angry when I wouldn’t loan her the money for rent. I was barely making ends meet myself when she had called and when I tried to explain how I didn’t think I could pay my own rent and hers as well, she had screamed about how ungrateful I was and hung up the phone. At the time, I hadn’t really known where she was living as she often bounced from apartment to apartment when she felt like the landlords were getting too interested in her daily life. 

After I hadn’t offered to pay her rent entirely and immediately, she had seemingly cut me off. I had waited a few days before trying to call her back so I wouldn’t say anything I would later regret. Her phone had been cut off or maybe turned off and after calling all the local police stations and hospitals, I still had no clue of where she was.  In the back of my mind, she was always there and I thought about her on a regular basis, but wasn’t sure where to keep looking for her. Was she in Florida? Texas? New York City? I had no idea. Which was why I was surprised when she called and wanted me to be the Maid of Honor in her wedding. 


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