The Movies

I realized when I went to college, real life was not like the movies. Or television. I was expecting my first semester of college to go smoothly with lots of late-night parties where I could stay wake up, exercise and get to class on time the next morning. I quickly learned this was definitely not the case. That first semester of college saw me struggling to keep up with everything I thought I had to do as a college freshman. I went running, I pledged to a sorority, one week I attended a frat party every single night and managed to barely make it to class on time. I was sleep deprived, but I wasn’t sure if I was happy or not. 

I loved meeting and making new friends, but wasn’t sure if all night parties and drinking games were really as fun as the movies made them seem. How did all the college students manage to wake up early, still look put together, have a large breakfast, not be hungover and still get to class on time? All without gaining any weight or losing their tan. As the weeks slipped by, I found myself finally getting into a routine. A routine with a bit more self-care than alcohol. A routine centered around what I wanted to do instead of planning a life around what the movies expected me to do. And in doing this, I finally found myself. And then I met Adam. I knew he was the one. 


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