My Sanctuary

I had always been told never to enter the forest. My parents told me the woods were dangerous but never explained why. Which obviously made me want to go every waking moment they were not watching. I spent more time in the forest than I did in my own bedroom. I kept waiting for my parents to figure out what I was up to, but so far they seemed to have no idea. I didn’t want to think about how they would respond if they knew I slipped out of my bedroom window at every available moment to hike in the forest. 

At first, I only made it to the edge of the trees, but as time went on and nothing happened, I ventured farther into the woods. I was entranced by the stillness. By the shadows. I could only hear the birds and the wind and not the cars and ambulances speeding by our house at all hours. When I finally found the meadow, I knew I was finally home. I was finally where I belonged and where I felt the most comfortable. Over time, I realized how I could store my belongings in the forest. I found a waterproof bag to hide paper, pens and books in and found the perfect spot to hide my new bag just outside the large meadow. As long as I could keep my parents from finding out I was breaking every rule imaginable, I knew I was home free. Wild and free. 


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