The Locking Door

“You decide when you’re ready.  Nobody else.  I can’t help you with anything you are doing.  You.  It’s all up to you.” 

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and tried to keep my face stern.  I needed to stand strong. If I budged at all, Terry would take control of what was going to happen between Jake and I.  And I wasn’t going to let Terry take control of anything to do with my life. He had already ruined enough. 

I knew he meant well, but he never listened to anything or anyone once he made up his mind. And at some point, he had decided Jake and I were not going to work out. I don’t know if he knew something about Jake I didn’t or if he had an ulterior motive. The more I thought about the possibility of an ulterior motive, the more I began to believe it. The trouble was, I didn’t know which motive was true. Was Terry in love with me? Was Terry in love with Jake? Was he nervous about the fact I was finally ready to return to college? Did Terry want me to stay in our shared apartment? He was becoming a little too possessive of me and my time. As I continued to practice my speech I heard rustling outside my bedroom door. 

“You know you can’t leave, right?” Terry said quietly through the door. And that’s when I heard my bedroom door lock from the outside. 


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