The Attorney

“Do you think we need to find an attorney?  I don’t know what is happening right now?” 

Rob had the deer in the headlights look as he turned to face me.  I almost laughed at the look on his face if I hadn’t known how nervous he was.  Based on who his father was, I knew Rob would never get in trouble.   

I was still surprised at the fact he was not aware his father always bailed him out of trouble, but I wondered how he could possibly not realize. He was twenty-five and still didn’t understand what consequences were. Or that stealing a car sent most people to prison. Or that breaking and entering could also send one to prison.  

“I’m sure by now your father knows what has happened and will be here any minute to bail you out. Or he will instruct the police not to charge you. I’ll probably take the fall for both of us.” 

As his pretty face turned to shock, his mouth started moving as if he wanted to say something, but didn’t know what. Rob’s face brightened when the police cruiser stopped behind his car as this was the point his father stepped out to save him. This time I did start laughing when the police officer cuffed his hands behind his back and helped him into back of the cruiser. Rob looked like he was about to cry so I was happy he couldn’t see Jeremy’s wink as they pulled away. 


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