I had never given myself the chance, the opportunity to be a good person.  And to me, being a good person also accompanied the idea that I would be authentic to myself.  Most of the time, I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get to my end game. 

Growing up, I had things done for me instead of doing things for myself so I think that was part of my problem.  I was never forced into making my own luck and it was more obvious the older I got. 

I now am determined to make my own luck and do my own thing.  I want to make a difference and help improve lives. The lives around me, but my life as well.  Good vibes beget good vibes, right?  If I can help, I can inspire others to help as well.  If I can inspire others to help, things might turn around for me.  If I can empower myself, I can only hope to empower others. 

As soon as my monologue was over, I knew I still didn’t believe it.  I knew my classmates didn’t believe it either.  Aaron was snoring in the back corner of the room.  Honestly, I had started taking acting class so my peers would actually believe me when I told them the truth.  But now that I was actually telling the truth, everyone believed me less than they did before.  I knew exactly what lies to tell to get them to believe me. 


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