Standing Room Only

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New Life

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda 

When the flowers finally started to bloom, I let myself have a little faith. A little faith I was doing the right thing and had done the right thing when I moved hundreds of miles away from my friends and family. Until today, I had considered packing my bags and running back, but I knew it would be a mistake. A mistake I might never recover from. The garden was proving new life was still ahead. But as I headed home, I saw the fires blooming and knew all I had gained would soon be lost. Once and for all. 

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4 responses to “New Life”

  1. Sounds like the main character has got change swirling all around her. Hoping things work out for her.


  2. Yes, blooming flowers always reminds us of new life and new beginnings, well told.


  3. Renewal in the new flowers, but death in the threat of fire – that’s life. Well done.


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