Generous and Stupid

“She was both generous and stupid.  Willing to learn, but unwilling to listen.  Political, but didn’t debate,” I listened to the woman in the seat beside me practice her speech under her breath.  I wondered if she was practicing a eulogy and who the eulogy was possibly for. 

As she continued with her preparations, I closed my eyes so she thought I was sleeping and not hanging onto every single word.  The longer she went on, the more interested I became.  Who was this woman who had died?  She sounded fascinating and I was considering asking the woman what had happened, but thought it may be a bit rude. But sometimes my nosiness overcame me and I started asking too many questions. Especially when the woman she was talking about seemed to have been so well known and well liked. Popular. This woman was everything I wanted to be, but so far, had yet to achieve.  

In the meantime, I kept my eyes closed as various death scenarios played out in my imagination.  She was a CEO who had been murdered for her wealth.  She was a working mom who had been kidnapped in retaliation of a custody battle.  She was an athlete broken by a drug scandal. 

As the plane descended, I opened my eyes, determined to find out who she was talking about.  I never would have guessed she was talking about herself. I followed her off the plane to see exactly how she was going to disappear. 


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