Ski Chalet

I had always wanted to stay in a posh ski chalet.  I wanted to be able to ski in and ski out of my own chalet just so I could say that I did it.  That I had stayed not in a hotel on a mountain, but a chalet. 

I just wanted to ski in new territory, but I wasn’t expecting to fall in love.  Fall in love with skiing all over again, fall in love with snow all over again and fall in love with myself for the first time.  I owed it all to Jack and it took a few days for me to realize what had happened. 

The avalanche hadn’t been too severe (at least that’s what I told myself as I sat safely in the chalet) and hoped it wouldn’t be long before anyone realized I was stuck alone in the chalet.  Since I had gotten to the chalet significantly earlier than everyone else, there was plenty of food so I wasn’t particularly worried. Luckily the power hadn’t gone out, I just couldn’t get out of the chalet and no one could to me.  

I didn’t become too worried about my predicament until the man showed up at the front door of the chalet with anger in his eyes and no trace of snow or avalanche on his clothes. I stared at him as he lifted his fist and started banging on the window. I wondered how long it would take for the glass to break. 


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